$500,000 capital for fire equiptment and fire protection.

Fund around $2million each year to the Sheriff’s Department.

Subside money for the operation of the jail.

Paved 150 miles of road in the last three years.

Expanded the landfill with no debt.

Unemployment at 3.9% – lowest in 17 years.

Paid $14million in old debt.

Started a land farming program at landfill.

We refine our Safety Program with fewer accidents which keeps our cost lower.

We have money in the bank and pay bills on time.

We feel capable and confident of any challenge that we may face.

We are looking to improve our infrastructure and new technology.

Funded $1million on Phase 2 of OCTC project.

$1million spend on our parks.

Helped create jobs with incentives to SFG, Hollison Technology, Metalsa, Alorica, OZ Tyler, and many others.

Paid out $170,000 in 2017 hotel tax (HB202) to Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, Owensboro Museum of Science and History.

Saved over $500,000 on bridge replacement on Fields Road.

Would like to see additional funding per 1-2 Sheriff Deputies.

Continue lowering our debt at the Convention Center.

Building a large water park at Horse Creek Park in 2018.

Expand the Greenbelt to the Hospital.

Continue to not raise taxes.

Working with our legislators on a new pension plan for our employees.

Republic Bank Board
US Bank Board
1999 Entrepreneur of the Year
Red Cross Chairman of the Board – 2 terms
Boy Scouts Board
Salvation Army Board
Business owner for 33 years
US Army Veteran
Animal Control Board
Greenwood Cemetery Board
Property Maintenance Board
Drug Alliance Board