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Hello, I’m Mike Koger, Daviess County Commissioner, and I’m running for reelection.

I am a devoted husband, father and grandfather, Army Veteran, devout Christian, fiscal conservative, dedicated lifelong community member and I support Pro Life. I’ve been a small business owner for over 33 years where I create jobs, make payroll, manage budgets, while making tough business decisions. I have served on local bank boards, board chairman for the American Red Cross as well as Boy Scouts, Animal Control Board, Greenwood Cemetery Board, and Alliance for a Drug-Free Owensboro & Daviess County Coalition boards. In 1999, I was named Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the year.

As your county commissioner I will continue to:

    1. Support law enforcement, fire departments and first responders.
    2. Help create & keep high-paying jobs.
    3. Promote skilled labor training & education.
    4. Will continue to address drainage problems.
    5. Maintain an open-door communication policy with constituents.
    6. Actively work to advance economic development.
    7. Continue to promote drug abuse awareness.

Business and problem solving experience is what I will continue to bring to fiscal court. All city and county voters can vote in this election so please vote for Mike Koger County Commissioner.



Michael W. Koger